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Community Advisory Council

Our Community Advisory Council was established to provide a link between the hospital and the communities we serve. The Council meets four to five times annually and helps the hospital identify service needs in the community. 

This Terms of Reference outlines the functions, membership details, roles and performance expectations of committee members. The Council reports directly to the President & CEO of the hospital and submits a regular update to the Board of Directors.

Current Council Members:

Ali Chatur
Alvin Ramnanan

Andrea Zeelie-Varga
Andria Samis
Annette McKinnon
Chris Knipe
Denyse Murray
Dorene Weston (Chair) 
Gala Arh
Galen Wright
Gloria Perez Rivera
Hafiz Khan

Hasina Quader
Isabelle Lew
Jarrett Churchill
Karyn Dumble
Kim Diep
Lanrick Bennett
Marg Spoelstra
Marie-Chantal Ethier
Marni Kopacsi
Ranga Thangarajah
Roxanne Thibault

Council General Inquiries
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