Community Advisory Council - Terms of Reference

Mandate of the Community Advisory Council

The role of the Community Advisory Council (CAC) is to ensure that Michael Garron Hospital remains accountable and transparent to the communities that it serves.

Functions of the Community Advisory Council

  1. To educate the hospital about the communities Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) and the Toronto East Health Network (TEHN) serve and their needs.

  2. To identify needs in the community for hospital-based services.

  3. To participate in the review and development of MGH policies, programs and services consistent with the needs of the communities served and to assist the hospital in setting priorities in program areas.

  4. To participate in the hospital’s strategic planning process.

  5. To serve as a communication link between the hospital and the community.

Performance Expectations of Community Advisory Council Members

  • Team Work - Members work positively, cooperatively and respectfully with other members, the professional staff and the management of the hospital. 

  • Attendance - Members strive to attend at least 75% of meetings annually.

  • Participation - Members come prepared to meetings, ask questions, and make a positive contribution to discussions.

  • Initiate ideas – Members are encouraged to suggest topics of interest for discussion.

Role of Community Advisory Council Members

  • To share their individual ideas, perceptions and perspectives about MGH and TEHN.

  • To bring knowledge, expertise and feedback from their organization, neighbours, family or personal experience about how MGH and CAC can improve.

  • To share what is learned at meetings with the community.

Role of Michael Garron Hospital

  • To recruit, facilitate and organize members of our diverse community to participate in the CAC.

  • To bring issues of importance and relevance to the CAC in a timely manner, including planning and priority setting.

  • To provide members with the education, information, knowledge and tools for informed engagement in the council.

  • To report back on progress and outcomes of previously discussed issues and projects.

  • To hold an open process for recruitment of new members.

Rights of Community Advisory Council members

Members of the CAC shall be entitled to receive notice of, attend meetings, and receive meeting minutes.

Meeting Frequency

The Council will meet at least four times annually.

Reporting Relationship

The Council reports to the MGH President & Chief Executive Officer and is accountable for submitting a regular update of its activities to the Board of Directors. 

Community Advisory Council Membership:

  1. Membership should be comprised of individual residents and community leaders who, collectively, represent local demographics of the people who live and work in the MGH catchment area.

  1. Membership lies with the individuals selected rather than the organization(s) with which they are affiliated.

  1. Membership is voluntary and subject to change at the discretion of the member or the hospital. Members are appointed annually for a maximum of six years.

  1. Membership shall also comprise of MGH staff including the Vice President, Program Support (Lead Staff Support & Executive Sponsorship) and at least two other MGH staff members and/or administrative residents.

Community Advisory Council Membership Selection

Candidates must complete an application form to apply for general membership on the Council.The application will be reviewed by the Chair of the CAC and Hospital to determine fit.

Selection and Term of the Community Advisory Council Chair

The Chair of the CAC shall be appointed by the Hospital for a one year term.The term may be extended to a maximum of three one year terms.

Community Advisory Council Secretary

The Secretary is a member of the MGH Staff. The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes of the meeting and for sharing these minutes with the Community Advisory Council in advance of the next scheduled CAC meeting.

Lead Staff Support & Executive Sponsorship

Vice President, Program Support

Being an Effective and Engaged Community Advisory Council Participant

Michael Garron Hospital Community Advisory Council has a role to play in educating and advising the hospital about the communities it serves. Each member plays their own individual role in contributing, sharing and learning about the hospital and each other’s community interests.

We value your time and as we move forward this year, we want to have the most informative, productive and engaging meetings as possible. Here are some things to consider as we begin:

  1. Enter into discussion enthusiastically. The meetings are yours – a chance to say what you think so please, say it!

  1. Give freely of your experience(s).

  1. Keep confidences and assume others will.

  1. Confine your discussion to the topic at hand.

  1. Actively listen to others. Try to understand the other person’s viewpoint. Remember, on almost every question, there is more than one point of view.

  1. Be open to appropriately providing and receiving feedback.

  1. Come to meetings with questions in mind. Study the agenda in advance.

  1. Make your point in a few words and then give someone else a chance to provide their point of view.

  2. Ask questions. If you don’t understand, say so.

  3. Only one person should talk at one time. Avoid sidebar conversations while someone else is speaking.

  4. Be prompt and regular in your attendance

  5. Have fun!

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