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Research and the Community

Community-Based Research

Community-Based Research can involve community members in the planning stages of research projects right through to how they will be carried out. MGH respects the feedback made by our patients, their families and caregivers, and our community.

Examples of Community-Based Research:

  • Completing surveys or questionnaires
  • Participating in a focus group or an interview
  • A chart review
  • Reviewing new informational items i.e. pamphlets, brochures, guides, etc.

Research Highlight
360 Evaluation Validates Impact of MCIT Expansion for Persons in Crisis
This project studied the impact of Mobile Crisis Intervention Teams (MCIT), where a police officer and a nurse respond together to calls involving a mental health crisis. These teams were found to improve care quality in crisis situations through increased time with clients, more sensitive communication, and reduced handcuff use, among other outcomes. 
Researcher: Leah Dunbar

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are done to explore better ways of safely offering health options, treatments, and information to our patients. A Clinical Trial includes research using people who are volunteers (participants). A Clinical Trial is always designed for a specific group of people and will have strict guidelines and clearly state who can and cannot participate.

Examples of Clinical Trials: 

  • New drugs
  • New procedures, treatments, therapies
  • New devices
  • Changes to interventions
  • Vaccines

Research Highlight
Evaluating the Efficacy of E-Cigarette Use for Smoking Cessation (E3) Trial
This randomized controlled trial looks at e-cigarettes both with and without nicotine as possible smoking cessation aids over the course of a 12-week study period and a 1-year follow-up. This is part of a larger CIHR-funded research project with 14 different sites across Canada testing new ways to help people quit smoking.
Researchers: Dr. Mark Eisenberg, Dr. John Abrahamson, et. al

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