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Researchers showcasing project at fair

What's new in MGH Research?

Each year hundreds of different research projects are ongoing at MGH, from quality improvement projects to community-based research to clinical trials. The following diagram breaks down the research that has recently been going on in the MGH community by discipline, showing the diverse range of topics being investigated at this hospital. 

MGH Research Publications in 2017-2018 by Research Area

Medical Education 29%
 Infectious Disease 15%
Family Medicine 12%
Ophthalmology 11%
Emergency Medicine 8%
Respiratory 6%
Gynaecology 5%
Orthopaedic 5%
Cardiology 2%
Endocrinology 2%
Pathology 2%
Pharmacy 1%
Research Ethics 1%
Urology 1%


Research_Pie chart - MGH research publications in 2017-2018 by research area
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