Green Healthcare

At Michael Garron Hospital, environmental sustainability and energy conservation is a top priority. We are a member of the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care and have a series of plans in place to track our progress and environmental performance:

  • Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Environmental Preferable Purchasing
  • Sustainable Construction and Renovation: Enforce LEED silver requirements on all new major construction and renovation projects
  • Water Conservation: 1 per cent per year reduction targets

Environmental Awards

  • Coalition for Green Healthcare awarded Michael Garron Hospital the 2018 Green Hospital Of the Year Award.  

Ontario Regulation 397/11, Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plans, requires all public sector organizations, including hospitals, to report on their  annual energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; and to develop and implement a five-year energy conservation and demand management plan.

Conservation and Demand Management Plan - 2019 Update

Executive Letter of Support

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