MyChart - Patient Quick Start Guide

How do I sign up?

To sign up for MyChartTM, please complete this PDF form and submit the form to @email with a valid photo ID. You may also visit our Health Records Department (A1) in-person to consent and verify your identity. The Health Records Department will email you a PIN which you will need to sign up for MyChartTM. Follow the link provided in your email to complete your MyChartTM registration.

How do I log in?

Step 1: Launch your Internet Browser 
Step 2: In the address bar, enter:
Step 3: The MyChart login page will display 
Step 4: Enter your user name and password

MyChartTM is also available on smartphone or tablet. You can download the MyChart app from the Google Play or Apple App store.

What happens if I forgot my password? 

Step 1: You will need to go to the MyChart login page 
Step 2: Under the password field, you will see “Forgot your password” 
Step 3: Click on “Forgot your password” – a window will open asking you to input your user name.
Step 4: Once you have entered your user name, hit “Submit” 
Step 5: An email will be sent to you with a link. Open the link and answer the security question that you selected at the time of registration 
Step 6: You will then be asked to create a new password. The new password must confirm to password standards. Password standards can be accessed by clicking on the green question mark. 
Step 7: Return to the MyChart login page to access your account and login 

The Home page

MyChart users are able to quickly access their health information using the links provided in the navigation bars on the top and on the left side of the screen.  


Any news items or announcements from the MyChart team will be displayed at the top of the page. 

Personal Health Records 

MyChart users can store and manage their own personal health information on MyChart. Categories include: 

  • Allergies - allows patients to document their own allergies 
  • Medications - patients can track self-administered medications and also see any medications prescribed during previous hospital visits 
  • Conditions - allows patients to document their own conditions 
  • Measurements - allows patients to document their blood pressure levels, height, weight, blood sugar levels, etc. 
  • Diary - patients can record detailed entries here 
  • Immunizations - allows patients to document their immunization history 
  • Procedures - allows patients to document their procedures from outside the hospital setting
  • Tests - patients have the ability to upload test results from other facilities here 
  • Mood Tracker - patients can record their day to day moods and feelings or plot them over a period of time 
  • Quality of Life - patients are able to answer a short survey about the quality of their lives 

Share My Record 

In the Share My Record section of the site, patients are able to grant access to their MyChart account to family members, friends, caregivers and family doctors.  

Manage Access 

Patients can modify or revoke viewing privileges at any time by selecting “Edit Access” on the Manage Access page (found under Share My Records on the navigation bar on the left).

Clinical Records 

Under Clinical Records, patients are able to view their lab results, diagnostic imaging results and other medical information. For example:

  • Under "Lab Results", patients can view their lab tests results performed at the hospital. Patients have the ability to print all of their lab reports or print a particular day by selecting that day.
  • Under "Radiology", patients can view their CT, MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound reports. Images must be requested through the hospital’s Health records department.


In this section of the site patients can set up reminders for upcoming appointments.

  • Appointment Reminders – Display a list of upcoming appointments at the hospital. Patients will be reminded of their upcoming appointments via e-mail. E-mails are sent to the address provided at the time of registration – to confirm or update your e-mail address, select “Manage My Account” and then “Edit Profile”  

Manage My Account 

In the Manage My Account section, users can edit their account information, reset their passwords and update their usernames. Please note that edits to your personal details will not update automatically at the hospital, you need to contact the MyChart Office to update your record. They can be reached by calling 416-469-6580 ext. 6273 or by emailing: @email


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