Aftercare Program

The Aftercare Clinic is a long-term outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation program for adults with psychotic disorders who live in stable housing. A multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, mental health workers and occupational therapists work together to provide assessment, treatment, education and resource linking to the community.

The primary components are long-term medical follow-up with a psychiatrist (for medications primarily), socialization, life skills and community recreation. We also assess patient needs and make referrals to community rehabilitation programs for recreational, vocational/educational follow-up.

Program Goals

  • To enhance the individual’s understanding of his/her illness and treatment needs.
  • To enable the individual to maintain and/or improve his/her quality of life.

Program Highlights

The program offers both individual and group formats and includes the following services:

  • psychiatric follow-up for medications
  • crisis/supportive counseling
  • medication and symptom monitoring
  • education
  • social/recreational activities
  • life skills
  • prevocational evaluation & counselling

Referrals are accepted from health care providers from both within the hospital and the community for clients living in the catchment area of the Michael Garron Hospital.

Referral required.

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