Community Outreach Services

Community outreach services (COS) are offered through Michael Garron Hospital’s (MGH) mental health services.

The mission of the COS is to work in partnership to provide community based mental health services which respond to the needs of our clients, families and the community.

The following are services offered through COS. The criteria for admission vary from service to service.

Reach Services

Reach services offers community support counseling (case management) to adults living with mental health issues/mental health challenges that seriously impact their lives.

Together, clients work with their community support counselor with the aim of improving quality of life as they define it. 

Our approach is recovery focused, strengths based, and person centered. While most of the counseling support is offered on an individual basis, reach services also provides weekly groups, outings and hosts special events which have been instrumental in creating a welcoming community for those who attend.

Referrals to reach services case management program must be made through Accesspoint.



Compass serves adults experiencing severe, persistent and complex mental health problems connected with the east Toronto neighborhood who are:

  • heavy users of crisis, emergency department and/or in-patient hospital services
  • unsuccessful in connecting with existing community mental health services
  • possibly also experiencing problems with housing, substance abuse, social isolation, or involvement with the legal system

About the Program

  • We are a multi-disciplinary team providing comprehensive psychiatric treatment and psycho-social rehabilitation from a client-centered perspective
  • Using a team approach, we will provide community-based treatment and support with 24 hour availability

 Our Values

  • Respect and dignity
  • Quality community-based care
  • Partnership
  • Confidentiality
  • Client autonomy
  • Safe client-focused care
  • Increased quality of life

Referrals to the compass assertive community treatment team services must be made through Accesspoint.

Family Support Program

The family support program offers an eight week group series to assist families and friends of individuals with a major mental illness.The program is co-ordinated by a member of The College of Psychologists with over 30 years of experience working in the mental health services.

Our Goals

  • To decrease the stressors family members often experience
  • To enhance the family’s understanding of mental illness
  • To increase the family’s ability to cope with the illness
  • To provide an opportunity to meet with other family members

 For further information call 416-461-2000 ext. 223

Community and School Outreach Program

The community and school outreach program is an outreach service of the crisis intervention unit and the COS of the mental health services at MGH. The program provides information, educational presentations and consultations regarding crisis intervention and suicide prevention. The program is coordinated by a member of The College of Psychologists and has over 30 years working experience in Mental Health Services.

Workshops and presentations are available to educators, parents, students, community groups, mental health professionals and other service providers. The workshops and presentations are specifically designed to assist the participants to focus on:

  • Understanding adolescent emotional development
  • Recognizing the causes and warning signs of suicide
  • Knowing what to do during a suicidal crisis
  • Identifying and accessing community resources which provide assistance to a suicidal individual

 For further information contact: 416-461-2000 ext. 223

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