For Staff

The following information is intended for Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) staff and physicians to securely access internal corporate applications and systems remotely.

Read about changes to MGH VPN here.


Citrix StoreFront (i.e. Remote Citrix Powerchart) || For VPN users (physicians, staff, and vendors) requiring remote access to Citrix Powerchart and other Citrix and Web-based applications, including AppBar, ESM Scheduling, Muse, etc.

MGH Full VPN || For VPN users (radiologists, staff, etc.) requiring remote access to specific applications and other network resources, including shared drives.  *** Your remote computer must meet security requirements ***



IT Resources || First time accessing VPN? Learn more about VPN. Download VPN setup instructions.

Symantec VIP || Required for VPN access. This tool provides a 6-digit passcode (VIP Token) needed for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Citrix Workspace* || Required for Citrix applications. This software runs on your computer to enable connectivity to the Citrix StoreFront**.

                                 * formerly known as Citrix Receiver          ** formerly known as XenApps

TeamViewer || Required for Helpdesk support. This software enables Helpdesk staff to remotely control your computer and provide "hands-on" support.


iLearn || Access learning modules for staff.

Webmail || Access your email account.

iCare || Access MGH’s intranet.

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