MGH's redevelopment team speaking to community members

Redevelopment: Get Involved

The Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre is being built to meet the healthcare needs of east Toronto. As such, Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) is committed to having ongoing consultation with the public, to ensure that the design of the new facility reflect the needs of the community.

Out and about in the Community

At every step of the planning, design and construction process, Michael Garron Hospital has worked to engage both internal and external stakeholders and gain feedback. One of the ways the hospital and foundation teams engaged local residents during construction was by participating in nine community events in 2019, including farmers markets and concert series.

Topics discussed with local residents included:

  • Construction progress to date
  • Traffic routing
  • Upcoming project milestones
  • The MGH Foundation’s $100 million dollar Heart of the East campaign

Overall, face-to-face interactions with community members has helped to promote awareness and build support for the project and provided attendees an opportunity to ask questions.

Construction Liaison Committee (CLC) Meetings

Neighbours, patients and community partners are invited to attend a quarterly meeting which aim to provide updates about project timelines, construction and potential impacts to the hospital and surrounding neighbourhood.

Meetings are open to everyone! For more information about Michael Garron Hospital's Construction Liaison Committee and upcoming meeting dates, please email @email

Terms of Reference and Membership

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