Billing for Patients without an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

Uninsured residents of OntarioWhen a resident is approved for OHIP and is given a new Health Card there is a 3-month waiting period for that OHIP number to become effective and OHIP will not pay for any services before that date. The patient will have to pay for all services received at MGH during that period. For the costs of these services patients may call the (416) 469-6580 ext. 3403.

Visitors applying for status in CanadaWhen uninsured visitors apply to Immigration for Landed Status they are given temporary insurance called Interim Federal Health Insurance.  Once they become Landed Immigrants they are eligible to apply for OHIP and after they are approved by OHIP there is a 3 month waiting period where they will not be covered and need to purchase private insurance.  All patients with Interim Federal Health Insurance are required by law to present the original Immigration Document showing that they are eligible for coverage under the Interim Federal Health Plan every time they require medical attention.  Failure to produce the original document each visit could result in the patient having to pay for any medical service they receive.

Non-residents of CanadaAll non-residents of Canada will have to pay for services received at MGH.  Inpatients would be asked to pay a deposit of two days room charges in advance, and sign a guarantee of payment for the balance of account.  For non-residents of Canada rates patients can call (416) 469-6580 ext. 3403.

Patients from other provincesWe will bill the patient’s home province if the patient has a valid Health Card from their province.  If they do not have a valid card with them they will be asked to pay for their services.  Patient from other provinces can call (416) 469-6580 ext. 6230 for rate information.

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