Health Records: Fees

A fee of $30.00 shall apply to patient, SDM and lawyer requesters. This includes an initial set amount for photocopying and/or printing of a record and shall include pages 1-20. This fee may also be charged when a search does not yield a return of a patient’s record. Requests will not be processed until the processing fee is received. Additional fee may be charged on top of the processing fee and has to be paid prior to release of the records. Please include the non- refundable processing fee and valid consent with your request to avoid delay. 

Please note:  The amount of the fee that may be charged to an individual shall not exceed $30.00 for any of the following:

1. Receipt and clarification, if necessary, of a request for a record.

2. Providing an estimate.

3. Locating and retrieving.

4. Preparation of a response letter to an individual.

5. Preparation of a record for photocopying, printing or electronic transmission.

6. Packaging of the photocopied or printed copy of the record for shipping or faxing.

7. If electronically stored, transmitting a copy of the electronic record instead of printing a copy.


Additional fees may be charged on top of the $30.00 fee.  Please review the fees below:





Legal aid lawyers

$30.00 for first 20 pages; $0.25 / page after that

Accessing/reviewing of original copy of health record

$6.75 / 15 minutes or less (surcharge)

Insurance  Companies

Consulting Firms

Rehabilitation Agency (PT, OT and Chiropractor)


$160.00 for first 20 pages; $1.00 / page after that

STAT Request <2 business days

$300.00 surcharge

Photocopies or computer printouts of a health record

$0.25 / page after first 20 pages

Paper copy of a health record on microfilm or microfiche

$0.50 / page surcharge

Electronic copy of  a health record (computer disk) 


Microfiche copy of a health record on microfiche

$0.50 / sheet

Microfilm copy of a health record on micofilm

16 mm - $25.00

35 mm - $32.00

Off Site Chart Retrieval

$25.00 surcharge (non-urgent request)

Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

$140.00 flat fee

Mounting Fetal Monitoring Strips

$30.00 surcharge

Insurance/medical form completed by hospital staff


Search Fees Retained if No Record Found


College of Nurses

Physicians & Surgeons

Ontario Nurses Association

Other registered professional colleges



$0.25 / page

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

$48.15 flat fee

WSIB Appeals Tribunal

$30.00 for first 20 pages; $0.25 / page after that


$50.00 for first 20 pages; $0.50/ page after that

Date of Admission and/or Discharge Verification


Proof of Birth or Time of Birth Letter


Training to access online charts (up to 2 hrs.) $100.00

Healthcare Provider to Healthcare Provider

Healthcare Institution/Hospitals

Department of Veteran's Affairs

Social Services

Children's Aid Society (CAS)

Board of Education



Canada Pension

Public Trustee

Attending Doctor Letter






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