Healthy Lifestyle Clinic

The Healthy Lifestyle Clinic guides children and their families to lead healthy and active lifestyles.  We work towards your goals by including the entire family in our care planning.

Children, teens and their families are eligible if a child:

  • is between the ages of 3 to 17 years
  • has a BMI >85th percentile 
  • is committed & willing to make changes with their family

Our team of healthcare professionals works together to provide your family with the best possible care and support to help your family through these new healthy lifestyle changes. Our team includes a paediatrician, registered nurse, registered dietitian, registered social worker and registered kinesiologist (exercise specialist).

Our clinic begins with an assessment from each of our clinicians. We will then arrange follow up appointments tailored to your specific needs. Patients are typically followed in our clinic for one year - healthy lifestyle changes take time.

Regular attendance is important. After the family and youth have completed their initial assessment, they will be required to attend follow up visits with the Healthy Lifestyle Team. This may include individual sessions with particular team members or group sessions. The team will provide the individualized support needed to continue the new lifestyle changes after graduating from the program.

These one-on-one appointments will be scheduled on our clinic day. We also offer weekday evening group classes.

All appointments are scheduled through the referring physician.  

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