Healthcare professional tending to patient

The Medicine Program at Michael Garron Hospital provides patient-centered, high-quality care to patients and their families. The program consists of a wide range of services, including: general internal medicine, in-patient units, cardiac critical care, intensive care unit, and a wide range of outpatient clinics.

MGH is proud to have one of the few progressive weaning centres in Ontario. This patient-focused program applies state-of-the-art care to effectively wean many patients off of ventilators. Our program accepts applications from critical care units around the province.

Our multidisciplinary teams provide excellent care to acutely ill medical patients followed by a safe and timely transition to the next level of care. Our teams consist of: registered nurses, registered practical nurses, personal support workers, clinical resource leaders, nurse practitioners, physicians, pharmacists, dietitians, physiotherapists (PT) and PT assistants, occupational therapists (OT) and OT assistants, respiratory therapists, transition navigators and speech language pathologists.

Medicine Services

Medicine Inpatient Units

  • Cardiac (J2)
  • Respiratory (T9)
  • General Internal Medicine (T7, T8, T9)
  • Intensive Care (J2)

Medicine Clinics

Transitions in care: Repatriation

There may be occasions where your care requirements need to be delivered at another Greater Toronto Area hospital. In these cases, MGH will send you to another hospital to receive this specialized care or treatment. Once you no longer need the specialized care but aren’t quite ready to go home yet, you may need to return to MGH: this is called repatriation. Each hospital has a process to manage repatriations. Your care team will let you know if you are going to be transferred back to MGH and will support this transition. Click here for more information on repatriation in Ontario.