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Going Home

If you are under the care of a doctor or midwife you can expect to leave the hospital within 24 hours after a vaginal delivery. If you have a caesarean birth, you can expect to leave the hospital 2-3 days after delivery.  

  • If you will be traveling by car, be sure that you have a car seat that meets Canadian standards and that is not expired.  
  • Your baby should see their doctor or midwife within two days of going home from the hospital.  
  • Continue to practice skin-to-skin with baby. This means having your baby naked (diaper only) and placed directly on the bare skin of either parent as long as possible.  
  • Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression and how you can get help. 
  • Know where you can get support for breastfeeding.  

Postpartum Support with SeamlessMD

  • MGH has partnered with SeamlessMD to provide a free mobile digital education tool that will guide a patient through their postpartum healthcare journey with reminders, notifications and surveys. Learn how to sign-up for SeamlessMD.
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