In-Centre Nocturnal Dialysis

Nocturnal dialysis is a longer, slower form of hemodialysis that takes place at night. Patients sleep in the unit while they are attached to the dialysis machine. Nurses are present throughout the night and monitor patients over the course of their treatment.

Nocturnal dialysis requires three treatments per week. Each visit is 6-8 hours on average between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Please speak to your nephrologist and dialysis team to see if this is the right treatment for you.

Benefits of Nocturnal Dialysis

  • Treatment overnight improves quality of life for patients as they can get back to doing what they love during the day.
  • The slower, gentler treatment is more comfortable for some patients.
  • The longer treatment removes a greater amount of wastes and fluid from the blood. Studies have shown this improves some patient outcomes significantly.
  • Many patients report feeling better and find their appetite improves after beginning nocturnal dialysis.
  • Better Phosphorous control.
  • Better blood pressure control with reduction in number of medications.

Click here for one patient’s story.

Treatment Environment

  • Patients receive treatment in a bed.
  • One pillow and one blanket are provided for each patient.
  • Lights are turned off and the environment is quiet to allow patients to sleep for the night.
  • A television and speaker pillow may be available for patients.
  • Public Wifi is available for use.


No visitors are allowed to stay in the unit. Nurses will call essential visitors back to the unit if needed. One essential visitor is permitted due to limited space.

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