Room Accommodations

Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) offers deluxe, private, semi-private and ward (four beds per room) accommodations. Every attempt is made to fulfill  the patient's request for deluxe, private and semi-private accommodations. However, this can be limited by availability.

Standard Ward Rooms

A standard patient room at MGH has four beds, with privacy curtains. The cost of this room is generally covered by federal and provincial (OHIP for Ontario residents) health insurance.

This policy does not apply to visitors to Canada or uninsured residents or for uninsured OR procedures such as cosmetic surgery. In these cases, arrangements will be made for payment upon admission.

Preferred Accommodations

To enhance our patient's hospital stay, our registration clerks will work with you to arrange your preferred accommodation request.  Preferred accommodation rooms include private, semi-private and deluxe rooms at the following rates:

  • Semi-private (two beds in one room): additional cost of $250 per day
  • Private (single room): additional cost of $295 per day
  • Private Deluxe: additional cost of $320 per day

While we will make every effort in ensuring your request for preferred accommodation is made possible, your requested accommodation may not be available to you at the time of your admission. During your stay we may need to relocate you to another room to accommodate other patients with unique medical needs. We will do everything possible to minimize any room transfer disruptions and inconveniences.

Methods of Payment

Patients are to provide payment information for requested preferred accommodation upgrades at the time of registration. Payment can be easily made with cash, cheque or a credit card for your estimated length of stay.

If you require additional information before making a decision, please contact the Business Office at 416-469-6580 ext. 6231 during Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Responsibility

If you are choosing to pay for your preferred accommodation with extra health insurance you must provide registration staff with the following on admission:

  • The Insurance Company Name, Policy and Certificate Number, Policy Holder and Group Name. It is important and the responsibility of the patient to verify your insurance coverage. The hospital assumes no responsibility to verify any patient's insurance coverage.
  • The hospital will bill your insurance company if there is supplementary/extended insurance. If the insurer does not cover any part of the accommodation charges it is understood that responsibility for full payment remains with the patient. 
  • A credit card number, expiry date, signature on billing consent form. (We will not use your credit card unless full payment is not forthcoming from your admission.)

Non-insurance Coverage

Patients without private insurance coverage requesting and receiving preferred accommodation must provide the hospital with a deposit towards  their room cost and will be billed upon discharge for the cost of an upgraded room.

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