Patient Safety

Your safety is our commitment.

Patient safety is an essential component of high quality health care. At Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) we take pride in our ongoing journey of quality improvement and our commitment to provide the safest care to the community we serve.

Our top priority is to provide a safe environment for all members of our hospital community including patients, families, staff, physicians, volunteers and learners. Acknowledging all of our unique roles in patient safety helps us work collaboratively and we know that our partnership with patients and families is paramount.

Together, we are working to create a just culture of quality and patient safety that will allow us to deliver exemplary care, every day.


We are committed to providing excellent quality care in accordance with Accreditation Canada's national standards of excellence. Participation in the Accreditation Canada Qmentum Program allows us to be assessed according to global standards for the purpose of improving patient outcomes, encouraging teams to work better together and enables a culture of continuous improvement in our organization.

Infection Prevention & Control

Infection prevention and control practices are essential for maintaining a safe environment for patients and visitors.

Our mutual commitment

Read about the rights and responsibilities of everyone in the hospital to ensure that care is appropriate and safe.

Quality Priorities

Our Quality & Patient Safety Plan is focused on building partnerships with patients and families. This plan is our commitment to prioritizing what our patients, families and staff believe is important, and we are proud to share the vision, purpose, goals and objectives of this plan with all those involved in this work, from the boardroom to the bedside. This plan is aligned with our annual Quality Improvement Plan and MGH’s Strategic Plan, and is crucial to each of their successes.

Security (ProtectioN Services)

Our protection services staff are dedicated to the safety of all patients, visitors and staff.

Smoke Free Policy

In our effort to provide a safe and healthy environment, smoking is prohibited in all areas on the MGH campus.

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