Quality Improvement Plans

All hospitals in Ontario are required to develop and share an annual Quality Improvement Plan (QIP), as legislated in the Excellent Care for All Act (2010).  Our QIP outlines areas selected for improvement and helps us track progress toward our goals.

To find out more about Quality Improvement Plans for Ontario Hospitals, visit the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Long-Term Care's Excellent Care for All website, and/or the Health Quality Ontario website.

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2023/24

We launched our QIP planning process in November, 2022, engaging with patients, community, staff and leadership to identify our quality improvement priorities.  Our F2023/24 QIP was completed and approved by our Board in March, 2023. 

The QIP submission (Organizational Narrative, Work Plans, and prior-year Progress Reports) can be viewed here: Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2023/24

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2021/22

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2020/21

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2019/20 

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