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Project Imagine

UPDATE: Thank you for your help planning the future of healthcare in East Toronto! Click here to read a summary of feedback from our extensive community consultation process.What does hospital care look like in East Toronto in 10 years? What about 30 years? We are making a plan for the future of healthcare in East Toronto.

Michael Garron Hospital launched Project Imagine in March 2021 to re-envision the future of health care and help us best serve our community for the next 30 years. This includes re-evaluating how the hospital delivers care and determining what spaces and facilities will be needed over the next 10-30 years.

Our goal is to imagine and design a leading and innovative community hospital that meets the needs of our diverse neighborhoods today and in the future. To meet this goal, we will work with patients, families, caregivers, health care teams, and extended hospital and community partners

Project Imagine outlines a proposal to increase our hospital capacity for inpatient and critical care beds, ambulatory visits, emergency services, surgical services, dialysis services and mental health services. It also presents a renewed footprint for our paediatric services, transitional care, rehabilitation and palliative services. Our goal is to break ground on this next redevelopment project in 2028. 

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