Redevelopment: Project Timeline


Summer 2018

  • Existing electrical infrastructure upgrades begin
  • Public parking relocated to lot on Sammon Avenue west of Coxwell Avenue
  • Contractor trailer office complex installed
  • Temporary emergency exits for H and F wings created
  • Construction plywood fencing erected around construction site

Fall 2018

  • Site services including water and sanitary relocated
  • F podium demolished
  • Admitting driveway off of Sammon Avenue permanently closed
  • Shoring and excavation begins

Winter 2018/2019

  • Oxygen tank farm off of Sammon Avenue removed and new oxygen concentrator installed, allowing the hospital to generate its own oxygen supply
  • E wing demolished

Summer 2019

  • Shoring and excavation complete
  • Two cranes installed onsite
  • Construction of the Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre (Thomson Centre) and three storey podium structures begins 


  • Interior finishes for the Thomson Centre and three storey podium begins
  • Construction of exterior building envelope/facade begins
  • Two cranes removed from site


  • Exterior building envelope/facade complete


  • Interior finishes for the Thomson Centre and three storey podium complete
  • Training and orientation begins in preparation for the move into the new Thomson Centre and three storey podium

LATE 2022/EARLY 2023

  • The Thomson Centre and three storey podium completed
  • Patients and staff move into the Thomson Centre and three storey podium


  • Interior renovations begin in areas including: maternal newborn and child clinics, food and retail services, diagnostic imaging and child and youth outpatient mental health programs
  • A,B,C, F wings & D podium prepared for demolition
  • D podium demolished


  • Completion of renovated spaces for maternal newborn and child clinics, food and retail services and diagnostic programs
  • Renovation of D-Wing, including the exterior facade


  • A, B and C-Wing demolition begins
  • D-Wing renovations complete



  • All demolition work is complete
  • Landscaping is complete
  • Entire project is complete!

*Please note that the timeline above is subject to change and will be updated as the project continues.

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