Preparation Instructions for Your Appointment

Many of our clinics require that patients prepare themselves ahead of time to obtain the best possible exam results. Please see below for links to our clinic webpages, where you can find more information on how to prepare for your appointment.

For all clinics, please bring your health card and your current medications with you to your appointment.

Diagnostic Imaging

Cardiology Outpatient Services

  • Cardiac Catherization Lab
  • Cardiac Diagnostic Clinic/Non-invasive Cardiac Lab
  • Pacemaker Clinic
  • Heart Function Clinic

Chest Centre

  • Breathing Test / Pulmonary Function Test
  • Sleep Lab
  • Respiratory Clinic
  • Thoracic Surgery Clinic

Diagnostic Assessment UniTS

  • Breast Diagnostic Assessment
  • Chest Diagnostic Assessment
  • Colorectal Diagnostic Assessment
  • Thyroid Diagnostic Assessment

Other Outpatient Clinics

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