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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Outpatient Services

Michael Garron Hospital's outpatient services offer psychiatric consultations and evidence-based treatment options for children and youth to age 17 who have mental health conditions that are best addressed in a community hospital setting.

Primary care physicians can request an outpatient consultation to address the following mental health concerns:

  • moderate to severe anxiety
  • moderate to severe depression or other mood symptoms
  • concerns about attention, hyperactivity and impulsivity
  • to help make a clear diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations
  • to review or discuss medication treatment
  • to assess mental health concerns that are causing serious impairment in functioning (e.g. inability to attend school)

Other mental health concerns can be better addressed by our community mental health partners or specialized mental health clinics.

Our experienced and dedicated outpatient team includes an intake worker, social worker, outpatient nurse, adolescent medicine paediatrician and child and adolescent psychiatrists, as well as psychiatry residents and other trainees.


All referrals are made by the primary care physician.

Referring physicians click here for information on our referral process.


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