The Division of Urology at Michael Garron Hospital is a very active service within the Department of Surgery providing comprehensive care of almost all aspects of the specialty. We have been particularly prominent in taking on minimally invasive surgical techniques for urological disease. This includes both laparoscopy as well as the management of kidney stones. Our other primary area of expertise is in the management of genitourinary malignancies which includes prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer.

Quality control measurements, available publicly, have consistently shown our results with prostate cancer to be at the forefront in Ontario. Complex cancer cases are discussed jointly in bi-weekly multidisciplinary cancer conferences prior to any commitment to a prescribed treatment plan. Surgical infection rates are continuously monitored and are very low. One particular safety initiative that was recently implemented looked at reducing urinary tract infection rates in the hospital. This led to a program which has decreased our use of urinary catheters and will be a model that will be used in other institutions in the future. 

The urology division is also engaged in teaching and education and has an active relationship with the University of Toronto.


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