Long Stay Critical Care Program

About us

The Long Stay Critical Care Program (LSP) aims to provide higher-level, interdisciplinary rehabilitation in a critical care setting.

Care in the LSP Unit

Once transferred to our long-stay program, the patient and family meet with our interprofessional team to complete an initial assessment. The team will create a patient-centered care plan for each patient's individual rehabilitation journey.

Recovery process

  • Improve physical mobility and activity
  • Reduce dependence on mechanical respiratory support
  • Enhance communication using a variety of tools
  • Optimize prescribed medication
  • Focus on patient and family mental well-being
  • Boost nutritional support

Family participation

Family members are an integral part of the collaborative team. Family participation is encouraged during the patient's time in the LSP. This allows for follow-through with care plans that align with the patient's wishes and goals of care.

Medical updates

The patient and family can expect frequent updates provided by either the Clinical Utilization Coordinator and/or the patient's primary nurse. Families will also be contacted by the physician if there are any significant changes to the patient's medical status or treatment plan.

When a member of the healthcare team calls to provide an update, they will call the patient's appointed primary spokesperson. This spokesperson is identified by the family or the patient and will be the primary contact throughout the patient's stay with us. If no spokesperson has been appointed we will contact the patient's Power of Attorney (POA) or Substitute Decision Maker (SDM).

Family meetings

Family meetings can be arranged through the Clinical Utilization Coordinator. These meetings will provide comprehensive medical updates from the physician at a prearranged date and time. During these updates, the patient, family members and the health care team can discuss the patient's hospital stay, treatment plan, and goals of care.

Transitioning from the LSP Unit

When a patient's condition improves, they could be transferred to a medical unit or another care facility to continue on their recovery journey. In some cases, patients may also be discharged home with home care services to support their ongoing needs.

Sometimes a patient is only partially weaned from the breathing machine and may require ongoing support. This could include rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, chronic care institutions, or long-term ventilation centres.

Your recovery team

  • ICU Physicians: our ICU physicians (intensivists) will be the most responsible physician (MRP) while the patient is admitted to the LSP
  • Clinical Utilization Coordinator: coordinates the care team and establishes an individualized plan of care for patients
  • Clinical Educator: educates critical care nurses in current practice guidelines and excellence in care
  • Critical Care Registered Nurses: provide care in 12 - hour shifts during the day and night
  • Respiratory Therapists: ensure patients receive adequate and appropriate oxygen therapy by leading the hands-on weaning from mechanical ventilation while ensuring stable respiratory support
  • Pharmacists: review patients' medications and provide important information on optimal use
  • Registered Dietician: assess patient's nutritional needs and provides the best nutritional support
  • Speech Language Pathologist: manages the swallowing process and facilitates communication during the weaning progression
  • Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Therapy Assistant: the rehab team helps patients regain and maintain physical strength and functioning. The team helps patients to become independent with activities of daily living
  • Social Worker: provide psycho-emotional support and practical support to patients and their families

“The team in MGH’s Long Stay Critical Care Program went above and beyond. It’s a very collaborative team. Many different healthcare professionals worked together to help me in my recovery. I felt everyone genuinely cared about my well-being and were invested in my health. Thank you to everyone on the team!” – Michelle Garth, previous participant in MGH’s LSP

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