Health Records: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a copy of my health records?

All requests must be made in writing by completing the form Consent to Release Of Information and must include:

  • Prepayment Consent directed to Michael Garron Hospital
  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Original signature of patient, substitute decision maker (SDM) or legal representative
  • Date of authorization (within 120 days of request)
  • Original witnessed authorization (signature of person verifying that the patient or SDM did in fact sign the authorization)
  • Name of recipient (person or company to whom the information may be disclosed to)
  • Purpose of request (ex. Further treatment, legal request, family records etc.)
  • Treatment date (if exact date is unknown please provide an approximate range)
  • Prepayment

How can I get access to my time of birth?

You must request this in writing by completing the Consent for Disclosure of Health Information form. Please include your mother’s date of birth, first name, and last names at the time of your birth. The completed form (with applicable fee) must be signed, dated, witnessed and mailed to MGH Release of Information Office.

How do I access picture images of my x-ray, MRI, CT?

Health Records Department does not have access to the actual images taken during your X-ray, MRI or CT scan. Please contact Diagnostic Imaging Department at 416-469-6580 x 2662 to receive the copy of images.

Do I need parental consent if I am a child?
  • If a patient is 16 years of age and older, the authorization must be signed by the patient.
  • Parental consent from custodial parent(s) is required if the patient is less than 16 years of age and not capable of consenting, otherwise the child can consent to disclosing their information.
How can I get access to the records if the patient is incapable of giving consent?

An authorization must be issued by the patient’s Power of Attorney for Personal Care or Legal Next of Kin to request records. The request must be in writing, stating why the patient is unable to sign a consent form. The Consent for Disclosure of Health Information form (available at the hospital) must be completed (with applicable fee), signed by the patient’s Power of Attorney for Personal Care or Legal Next of Kin, dated, witnessed and mailed to MGH Release of Information Office.

How do I request copies of records for a deceased patient?
  • Consent for Release of Information form should be completed and submitted by the executor of the estate (with proof, notarized copy of first and last page of will) to the Release of Information Office
  • If a will does not exist then a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee or a notarized and sealed Sworn Declaration Form is required.
Is there a fee for requesting personal health information?
  • There is no fee for information given to other health care facilities or physicians for continuity of patient care
  • For other purposes, an administrative charge may apply based on the current fee schedule
  • A Prepayment fee is required to be submitted together with the consent for processing your request. For details related to fees please see FEE 
Why is there a fee?

Fees are collected for processing purposes, which include retrieval and photocopying. For a complete list of fees, please refer to the fee schedule

When can I expect my request to be completed?

In accordance with the "Personal Health Information Protection Act" PHIPA, Michael Garron Hospital has up to 30 days to process a request once we have received a request with a valid consent and a prepayment fee (if applicable). If the request cannot be completed within 30 days, our Release of Information will contact you to explain the reason for delay.

Will the hospital have all my records on file?

According to law we are required to keep the patient records for 10 years from the last visit to the hospital. If the patient was a child, the records are kept for 10 years past the year the patient reaches their 18th birthday.

My wife used her maiden name when our child was born. Is it possible to change the records to her married name? 

Unfortunately, we cannot make changes to patient records when the information is correct for the purposes of the care that was provided.

Can I copy the records myself?

Charts cannot be removed from the hospital. Photocopying can only be performed by health records personnel.

Can I look at my medical record? It is mine, isn't it?

MGH employees will gather pertinent medical information in order to give you the best medical care possible. Since the hospital is collecting, documenting, holding and maintaining the record, the record that contains this information belongs to the hospital and will be accessed only in the most secure settings. If you wish to view your record please contact the Patient Representative.

Where is my health record stored?

The MGH Health Records Department maintains health records for inpatients and day surgery, emergency and medical daycare patients. Some departments within the hospital, including Outpatient Mental Health and others, maintain patient health records separately from the Health Records Department.



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