Research and Innovation at MGH

Research and Innovation

At Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), our vision is great care inspired by community. Through research, innovation, quality improvement and evaluation, we activate solutions to real-world problems faced by our hospital, community and health system. We are passionate about sharing our innovations and re-imagining how we provide safe, equitable and patient-centred care with our communities.

Research and Innovation at MGH: Our Areas of Focus

There are three key areas where we excel:

  1. Clinical Excellence – Our work, including clinical trials, pushes the boundaries of clinical excellence to improve patient outcomes and the delivery of evidence-based care in the hospital.  
  2. Patient-Oriented Research – We engage patients as partners to improve patient safety and patient experience.
  3. Community Health and Health System Integration – Our research designs and evaluates new ways to deliver health and social care services across East Toronto, including innovative models that can be scaled and spread locally, nationally and globally.

Our research improves the care we provide to patients, inspires our teams, empowers the communities we serve and amplifies our role as a health system leader. Learn more below or click here to see our Fast Facts.

Research and Innovation - By the Numbers


Our Impact 

Being a busy community hospital, our culture of swift innovation is balanced with the urgent needs of people in our care. At MGH, our staff and clinicians are the scientists – working on the frontlines, improving, and innovating care with and for our patients. Here are a few examples of our impact:

Solutions like these, developed and launched at Michael Garron Hospital, frequently go on to be scaled and studied throughout the province. Learn more about our work by reading our stories:

Research and Innovation News and Stories

Research is in our DNA

MGH has a long history of innovation, discovery and excellence in translating research into practice.

We are proud of our long-standing community and academic partnerships, including the University of Toronto and East Toronto Health Partners, the Ontario Health Team serving East Toronto. Working together with our partners, we collaborate across health disciplines and sectors to deliver the right care, at the right time, in the right place, to the right patient. Click here to learn more about our research journey at MGH.

Research is our Future

As our healthcare system continues to grow and change, we know that research and innovation will enable us to develop solutions today for the challenges we know our community will face tomorrow.

As we work towards building a Research Institute, we are harnessing the powerful impact of research and innovation to support healthy communities and build a more equitable, safe and effective integrated healthcare system. Join us on our journey to transform healthcare!

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