Adult Volunteer Program

Thank you for considering Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) for your donation of volunteer time. We are currently recruiting for the volunteer position:

Patient & Visitor Navigator

  • Escort patients to and from their outpatient appointments.
  • Provide wayfinding and mobility support for patients, visitors and vendors in the hospital.
  • Ensure that masks and face shields are readily available at all hospital entrances.
  • Areas include the information desk, patient registration department, out-patient department, etc.

Gift Shop

  • Greet customers.
  • Provide customer service.
  • Handle and accept all cash, debit and credit card payments using Point-of-Sale software.
  • Assist with product merchandising.

Requirements for joining the Adult Program:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to make a one-year commitment to volunteering at MGH
  • contribute two to four hours once a week
  • complete an online application form
  • provide two references
  • submit full immunization and two-step TB Skin Test documentation 
  • must agree to a Criminal Background Check conducted and paid for by the hospital
  • proficient in English, both speaking and writing
  • team oriented, great customer service skills, reliable, punctual and professional

Volunteer Application Process & Deadlines

It is important to note, that not all applicants will be contacted and interviewed. Applications will remain active for a six month period and applicants will be called based on vacancies and applicant availability.

Frequently Asked Questions about becoming an Adult Volunteer

Does volunteering lead to employment at MGH?

Volunteering does not directly lead to employment at MGH. Volunteers are considered external applicants when applying for a job and do not receive preferential treatment over other external candidates.

How do I become a volunteer at MGH?

Please click here to complete an application form for the Adult Volunteer Program.

May I choose where I would like to volunteer?

Of course, we have many different areas that volunteers support. We try to accommodate all placement preferences whenever possible. We encourage you to remain in the same placement for a minimum of one-year, but if you desire, a placement change can be arranged.

Will my volunteer experience be helpful as a reference for future employment?

It can be extremely beneficial in certain job markets. You are entitled to a reference letter after volunteering for a period of six months.

What happens if I am sick or going on holidays?

If you are sick, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to ensure that a replacement can be found to cover your designated area. If you going on holidays, we require a minimum of two weeks notice to ensure that volunteer coverage is arranged for your absence. If you are continually missing shifts, we will ask that you resign from your duties.

How many volunteers does MGH have?

On a weekly basis, we have 500 volunteers assisting over 40 different service areas in the hospital. Each volunteer participates in their service a minimum of two hours per week.

 I love working with people; will I be able to work first-hand with patients?

Most definitely, the majority of our volunteer placements involve direct patient and staff contact.

Will I receive a position description?

Yes. Each MGH volunteer receives a written volunteer position description outlining the duties and responsibilities of the service they are assigned to.


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