Toronto East General Hospital (now known as Michael Garron Hospital)
Toronto East General Hospital (now known as Michael Garron Hospital)

Our Journey: The History of Research and Innovation at MGH

At Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), research is in our DNA. Learn more about our rich history below:

  • 1940’s – Wartime innovations in surgery and anesthesia
    • Toronto East General Hospital (TEGH), now known as Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), adopts wartime innovations in surgery and anesthesia for patients in East Toronto.
  • 1950’s – New research focus
    • MGH’s research program beings focusing on clinical trials in orthopedic surgery.
  • 1965 – Toronto East General Hospital Research Foundation is born
    • The Toronto East General Hospital Research Foundation is created to encourage and financially assist research at the hospital.
  • 1971-75 – MGH opens its first detox centre in East Toronto
    • MGH opens its first Withdrawal Management Services Centre (for men) with the goal of both providing care and advancing research in this area.
  • 1983 – Ontario’s first-ever Laboratory Initiated Fetal Emplacement (LIFE) Program opens at MGH
    • Ontario’s first In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) program is established at MGH and receives almost 400 inquiries from couples in its first 24 hours of operation.
  • 1984-87 – IVF babies are born
    • The LIFE Program’s first twins and quintuplets are born at MGH in 1984 and 1987 respectively.
  • 1990-2006 – Focus on clinical research
    • Clinical trials prevail during this time. MGH joins the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board (OCREB) for cancer trials and establishes its own Clinical Research Implementation Committee.
  • 2007 – MGH recognized as Centre of Excellence for Progressive Weaning Centre
    • Progressive Weaning Centre is recognized as MGH’s first Centre of Excellence, bringing hope to patients and families throughout the province.
  • 2009 – Shift towards community-based participatory research
    • The hospital’s changing organizational priorities result in a move towards community-based participatory research with a focus on healthy communities.
  • 2010 – MGH awarded the Order of Excellence
    • MGH is the first hospital in Canada to be awarded the National Quality Institute’s Award for Quality & Healthy Workplace – the highest level of organizational quality and wellness within their healthcare excellence program.
  • 2019 – MGH establishes Research and Innovation Committee
    • The Research and Innovation Committee is formed, recognizing the link between research and care delivery innovations.
  • 2019 – MGH joins the East Toronto Health Partners
    • MGH is named as the anchor and foundational partner of East Toronto Health Partners, the Ontario Health Team (OHT) serving East Toronto. This team is dedicated to serving the East Toronto community and envisions an integrated care system that can boldly transform care.
  • 2020 – The era of COVID-19
    • MGH becomes the epicenter of community partnerships, vaccine delivery innovation and pandemic-focused research in Toronto.
  • 2021 – MGH appoints its inaugural Research Chair
    • MGH appoints Dr. Kelly Smith, PhD, as its inaugural Michael Garron Chair in Patient-Oriented Research, setting a bold direction for research at the hospital with a “patient first” vision.
  • 2022 – MGH becomes a Patient Partnered Diagnostic Centre of Excellence
    • MGH becomes the Canadian home to an international group of scientists dedicated to eliminating diagnostic errors in care.
  • 2023 – MGH appoints Interim Chief Scientific Officer
    • MGH appoints Dr. Kelly Smith, PhD, as its first Chief Scientific Officer (interim) to explore and enhance the future of research at the hospital.  
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