Smoke-Free Policy

For everyone’s health, smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Hospital.

Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), in its commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment, has implemented a smoke free policy. The purpose of the policy is to ensure that those who work, visit or receive services at MGH do not experience the many detrimental health consequences associated with second-hand smoke.

Smoking/Vaping is prohibited in all areas of the Hospital including hospital entrances, buildings, grounds, parking garages or in vehicles parked on hospital property. This policy applies to all MGH employees, clients, family members, visitors, physicians, residents, students, volunteers, suppliers, agency staff, board members and independent, third-party contractors working in any capacity at MGH.

Those working at MGH are not required to escort clients outside to smoke. Consistent with the MGH harm reduction approach, we will provide counseling and/or nicotine replacement therapy (patch, gum) and appropriate adjustment of other medications for clients who are unable to go outside unaccompanied. All parties are expected to comply with this policy and are responsible for reminding patients and visitors of this policy and requesting their compliance. If one witnesses a client or visitor smoking where smoking is prohibited, the following are steps to enforce the policy: approach the person and inform him/her that smoking is not permitted in that area. If appropriate, advise the person that if they wish to continue smoking to go outside of the hospital property.

If further assistance is required, please contact protection services at 416-469-6016.

If the same person is found to be smoking on numerous occasions in an area where smoking/vaping is not permitted, the staff member is to notify the client’s unit, team or program, if feasible, or notify protection services.

Sign that says no smoking no vaping
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