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At Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), we are inspired by the passionate belief that a healthy community is a strong community. And it’s our job to help build it. As we grow and evolve our programs, services and partnerships to meet the needs of our diverse community, it’s important to monitor our progress, capture our successes and share our journey with you.

Strategic plan 2023-2025: Great care inspired by community

MGH is proud to launch its Strategic Plan 2023-2025: Great care inspired by community, a major milestone following the COVID-19 health crisis.  

This new plan, which features new vision, purpose and values statements, powerfully reflects our hospital’s deep community roots grounded in health equity, inclusion and social justice.    

We heard from more than 1,000 people through our strategic planning process including those who live, work, give and receive care at the hospital. This strategic plan was truly informed and guided by the MGH community. We are grateful for your voices and for helping to bring this plan to life.  

Read our Strategic Plan 2023-2025: Great care inspired by community.

annual reports

The Annual Report highlights successes within the hospital's strategic priority areas.

other reports

Accessibility Plan

The goals of the Accessibility Plan are to continue to improve accessibility within the hospital by reducing the identified accessibility barriers. The hospital aims to provide all patients, family members, staff members, health care practitioners, volunteers, students, residents, and general members of the community the opportunity to identify their accessibility needs and to ensure that these needs are accommodated in a manner that supports and respects the dignity of persons with disabilities

Financial Reports 

In order to increase openness and transparency about the hospital's financial practices, we have made a number of reports, policies and documents available to the public.


MGH, in partnership with the University of Toronto, is dedicated to delivering outstanding educational programs for learners in undergraduate, postgraduate, fellowship, physician assistant, and midwifery programs. This report outlines how research, scholarship and faculty development are important to enhancing medical education at MGH. 

Our Community, Our Services 2017-2018

A profile of the demographic, socioeconomic and health characteristics of the MGH service community.

Patient Relations Annual Report

Feedback helps us better understand our patients, families and community. The Patient Relations Annual Report outlines how we support you and how we've made changes based on your feedback.

Quality Improvement Plan 

All hospitals in Ontario are required to develop and share an annual Quality Improvement Plan outlining their priorities and plans to enhance quality of care. Our work plan outlines our objectives, targets and change ideas for the upcoming year.

Quality and Patient Safety Plan

MGH's Quality and Patient Safety Plan builds on our strong history of quality and our determination to provide safe, equitable and accessible patient care.

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