Preparing to Leave the Hospital

Our goal is to to support you in safely transitioning home and back into the community as soon as you are well enough to be discharged. A family member or friend should take you home after your hospital stay. A volunteer will be happy to provide a wheelchair escort to your desired exit. When you leave, please make sure that you have all your belongings as well as your post care instructions. It is important to understand all of your medications before you leave the hospital. If you have any remaining questions about your care, please be sure to ask your healthcare provider.

Paying Your Bill

Please be sure to visit the Business Office on the first floor, C-wing. The Business Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


When it comes time for you to leave the hospital, our goal is to partner with you and your family to help you transition to the place that is best for you. We want to make sure you will go somewhere that will be comfortable, safe and meet your care needs. You may go back home after you leave the hospital or you may go to another facility. We will make plans based on your health and well-being and review them every day.

Preparing for your discharge will begin soon after you come to the unit. A healthcare provider will let you know when the care team thinks you will be ready to leave the hospital. Your healthcare team will work with you and your family to meet your target date while planning for any issues and addressing any concerns. If you are staying at the hospital after an elective surgery, you will be told how long you will stay at the hospital prior to your procedure. Once a date has been set, a healthcare provider will talk to you or someone you want to have involved in your care, about:

  • where you are going after your stay (you may go back to your home or you may go to another facility)
  • what medications you need to take
  • what warning signs you should watch out for
  • any test results you need to know
  • what follow-up appointments you need to go to

We want to make sure that any information we share with you is easy to understand. If you have any questions or concerns about your condition, leaving the hospital and next steps, please speak tp your healthcare team.


If you want to fill your prescription at the hospital, there is a Pharmasave located on the ground floor in C-wing. Pharmasave will pick up a prescription from your room and have it ready for you when you leave. To call Pharmasave, dial ext. 6149 or 416-778-1221.


If you and/or your family are worried about going home, please let your healthcare team know early on in your stay. Your family can use the white board in your room to write down any questions. LHIN Home and Community may be able to offer some support if you need assistance at home. Many services that used to only be offered in hospital are now provided in the community. These services will need to be coordinated with your healthcare team.

When you leave the hospital, you may go back home or you may go to another facility. If you are going to another facility, we will help with the planning. To help us plan the best place for you to be, we may need to talk with you and your family member/substitute decision maker on a regular basis.

If you need to wait for a bed at another facility, we will do our best to get you support so you can wait at home. If you are approved to stay in the hospital while you are waiting for Long-Term Care or Complex Continuing Care, you will need to pay a co-payment fee. The cost is set by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

We know that you and your family will need to make many choices before you leave the hospital.  Your healthcare team is here to support you in making the healthcare choices that are best for you. 

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