Child & Youth Mental Health Crisis & Urgent Care Services

Crisis mental health assessments are available through Michael Garron Hospital's (MGH) emergency department to children and youth under the age of 18 who are experiencing mental health crises or serious safety concerns. 

Children and youth presenting to the emergency department will first be seen by an emergency physician who will screen for any urgent medical issues and determine the need for a crisis assessment. If requested, the crisis assessment will be conducted by a crisis worker who will consult with the psychiatrist-on-call to determine next steps. This will include a decision about admission to hospital or discharge home with community supports. 

Parents/caregivers will be included in the assessment and must be present in the emergency department.

Urgent Care Services

Urgent psychiatric consultations are available through our urgent care clinic after an emergency visit for the following reasons:

  • serious safety concerns (e.g. risk of suicide or violence)
  • severe mood, anxiety or psychotic symptoms
  • urgent medication concerns
  • serious impairment in functioning due to mental health issues

These consultations are coordinated through our crisis worker and are conducted by one of our child and youth psychiatrists. 

Other urgent mental health concerns will be referred to our mental health community partners, such as the Toronto East Youth Wellness Centre or Help Ahead (previously Mental Health Toronto (MHTO)).

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