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Diabetes in Pregnancy & Gestational Diabetes Clinic

Above normal blood sugars during pregnancy put both parent and baby at a higher risk for complications. Gestational diabetes is a condition that occurs during pregnancy and can affect up to 20-30% of pregnancies.  

People with preexisting diabetes also need special control of blood sugar levels before and during pregnancy to effectively decrease serious risks.

Our program for managing blood sugar in pregnancy requires a minimum of two visits: 

  1. Small Group Class: In this 90-minute small group class, you and a supportive partner or family member will learn the essentials of balancing blood sugar and healthy nutrition in pregnancy with our registered dietitian and diabetes educator nurse.
  2. Specialist Appointment: The following week, you will see the endocrinologist (a physician specializing in diabetes) who guides intensive management of blood sugar levels safely through your pregnancy and delivery.

Our team is there to support and assist you in managing your pregnancy, working toward the goal of a healthy parent and baby.

D-Wing, 1st Floor
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