Paediatric Complex Care Clinic

The Paediatric Complex Care Clinic at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) is a one-point coordination centre for complex care paediatrics. We support children with medical complexity and their families with care coordination and system integration.

Children with medical complexity, such as cerebral palsy, congenital heart conditions or complications associated with extreme premature birth, are fragile and technology dependent. Providing integrated care for this vulnerable group can be challenging, as disparate providers and organizations tend to their medical needs. The Complex Care Clinic at MGH employs a collaborative, comprehensive and coordinated model of care in order to provide a one-stop treatment centre for patients and families.

Benefits of the Complex Care Clinic

  • Community Care: We will coordinate care and provide support closer to home.
  • Partners in Care: You will receive one-on-one support to meet the individual and unique needs of you and your child.
  • Complex Care Plan: We will review your needs and work with your family to create a Complex Care Plan.
  • Care Coordination: We will share your child’s Complex Care Plan with their doctors and other care providers to ensure full communication.
  • Staying Connected: We will be there when you need us. Call or e-mail our Paediatric Nurse Navigator in-between visits for any questions or concerns.
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