Visitor Information

At Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), we know that people come to the hospital during times of need and require support from their family and friends. We want to build an environment where staff, credentialed clinicians, learners and volunteers work with patients, their families and care partners to provide the best care possible.  


Families and care partners are welcome to visit a patient according to the patient’s wishes. The length of visits and the number of people at the bedside at any one time will be determined by the patient, family and clinical team. Decisions will take into account the needs of the patient, the needs of their roommate (if applicable), infection control precautions (if applicable) and room capacity.  

On most units, there are no set visiting hours. Families and care partners who would like to visit a patient in the Adult Inpatient Mental Health Unit and the Child & Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Unit are required to book visits in advance to ensure they do not conflict with patient treatments.  

To support families, children under the age of 12 are welcome to visit when accompanied by an adult who is not the patient.  


Masking is no longer mandatory. Masks will continue to be available for all patients, care partners and visitors who wish to wear them. Masks can be found at hospital entrances, in the Patient Registration office or on clinical units.  

If you are visiting a patient with an infectious illness, you may be required to wear a special mask and/or gown while in the patient’s room. Please speak with the healthcare team for more information and follow any signage posted on room doors. 


If you are coming to visit MGH for the first time, please review the Getting Here page for our address and information about TTC/vehicle access and parking. Hospital entrances are located on Sammon Avenue and Coxwell Avenue. 


We ask that visitors do not to come to the hospital if they are feeling unwell or showing symptoms of respiratory or other illnesses. We also ask all visitors to clean their hands frequently to stop the spread of infections. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the hospital. 


We understand that in-person visits may be difficult for some patients and their loved ones. Virtual visiting (arranged for patients using the Zoom platform on a hospital iPad) is available in all clinical areas. Learn more about our Video Family Visit program.

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