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An announcement from Lovisa McCallum, Chair, MGH Board of Directors

A message from Lovisa McCallum, Chair, MGH Board of Directors

On behalf of the Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) Board of Directors, I’m announcing that Sarah Downey is stepping down as President and CEO of MGH to take on a new role as President and CEO at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) on September 6, 2022. Sarah will remain in her role at MGH until September 2, 2022.

Sarah was appointed President and CEO of MGH in 2015. During this time, she led the hospital through a number of landmark and transformative projects that have created health and built community in East Toronto.

Under Sarah’s outstanding leadership, MGH implemented an ambitious strategic plan that redefined the hospital’s vision, mission, values and brand; launched the largest redevelopment project in the hospital’s history, which will forever change the organization and the care it provides the community; and fostered relationships with diverse stakeholders across teams, partners and sectors as part of her role on the Leadership Team for East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP), one of the province’s first Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), helping to improve the experiences of patients, providers, families and caregivers in the local health, social and community care system.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah helped lead the hospital’s and OHT’s integrated and community-based response, from hyperlocal vaccination and testing programs to the expansion and redesign of hospital systems.

In addition, her commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has resulted in tangible, measurable outcomes, including the development of the MGH Inclusion Alliance and a comprehensive work plan that will help ensure these areas remain priorities for the hospital for years to come.

As a long-time resident of East Toronto and a visionary healthcare executive, Sarah has long recognized and championed the exceptional care that MGH provides and we are incredibly grateful for her leadership, innovation and collaboration over the past seven-and-a-half years.

We are sad to see her go and will miss her ability to lead bravely and bring a community vision to life, her capacity for courage in crises and the intrepid ways she is able to find and work toward solutions.

However, we know Sarah’s experience, knowledge and expertise as a healthcare leader will be of great value to CAMH and its staff, patients, families, caregivers and community, especially as the world faces the prolonged and devastating mental health-related effects triggered by the global pandemic.

Congratulations Sarah on your appointment!

The MGH Board of Directors will follow up soon on its plans for an interim appointment while we initiate a comprehensive search for MGH’s new President and CEO.

We look forward to sharing more soon, including how we will recognize Sarah’s exceptional contributions to MGH.

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