Angeline Uy, Registered Nurse, poses in the hallway of Michael Garron Hospital's Stavro Emergency Department.

Meet Angeline Uy, Registered Nurse at Michael Garron Hospital

Tell us about yourself! 

Hi, my name is Angeline Uy and I am a Registered Nurse (RN) in Michael Garron Hospital’s (MGH) Stavro Emergency Department, including the Child and Youth Emergency Zone. I started working at MGH in 2022. 

What motivated you to join MGH? 

I started my journey on MGH’s Medicine Team as Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) working under an agency. With the agency, I worked at MGH for just a few weeks, but my experience here made me want to join the organization. The staff that I worked with were passionate in delivering their care, which is similar to how I approach my work. In addition, they didn't make me feel like an outsider, but rather welcomed and guided me. This motivated me to apply to join the MGH team as it reflected the working environment that I was looking for.  

What types of learning, mentorship or professional development opportunities have you had the opportunity to pursue since joining MGH? 

I joined the Emergency Department as an RPN and was motivated to pursue credentials to become a Registered Nurse. I've learned that our department has supportive management, especially when it comes to professional development. I'm an International Educated Nurse and previously worked internationally as an RN. When I passed the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) examination and got my RN licence in Ontario, my manager offered me an RN job and I was fortunate to acquire a permanent full-time position.  

Can you share your career path at MGH? 

2021: While working for an agency, I spent a few weeks working in MGH’s Medicine Department as an RPN. 

2022: I joined MGH as an RPN in the Emergency Department. I attended a hiring event where I had the opportunity to apply for a job at MGH. I was lucky to be interviewed and got hired. Being offered this position was one of my most memorable days. 

2023: I transitioned from being an RPN to being an RN. I was trained in my new position while I was still working as an RPN at MGH, which made my transition easier as I was already familiar with some of the workflow in Emergency Department. 

What motivates or inspires you? 

It’s rewarding working on a team that helps vulnerable patients, as I feel that I am helping them heal and overcome their challenges. A simple thank you from a patient or a family member is incredibly motivating for me. 

If you could share one memorable moment from your time at MGH, what stands out to you? 

When I started working in the Emergency Department, one thing I found challenging was working with paediatric patients. I got emotional easily, especially when they started to cry as I'm a mother myself. But I embraced this challenge and over the years, it’s been easier for me to work with paediatric patients. Exposure and a supportive team have added to my growth and confidence. 

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