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Michael Garron Hospital launches automated email, text and voice call reminders for outpatient appointments

Michael Garron Hospital is launching a new appointment reminder system for outpatient clinic appointments.

Starting this week, outpatients will begin receiving automated appointment reminders via their preferred method: voice call, email or text message.

“Outpatient appointments are often scheduled well in advance, so automated reminders will make it less likely that patients accidentally miss their appointment,” says Ehab Matta, Manager of Patient Access Services at MGH. “Patients will receive one reminder at the time of booking, and a second reminder approximately three days before their scheduled appointment.”

This system will be rolled out on a gradual basis, starting this week with the Fracture Clinic and Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic (PAC), and will continue until September.

Read below for some frequently asked questions about this new technology:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the automated reminders work?
At the time of booking an appointment, patients will receive an automated notification reminding them of their appointment date and time. They will receive a second reminder message three days before their appointment. Patients can choose how they receive their reminder notification: by voice call, email or text message. If the patient does not provide a preferred method, they will receive a voice call and text message.

Does the reminder message provide instructions about how patients should prepare for appointments and procedures?
Yes, the reminder messages will include a link to MGH’s website, where each clinic has noted their preparation instructions.  

Is any personal health information shared in the reminder?
Only the minimum amount necessary to remind the patient of the appointment. This includes:

  • Patient’s first name
  • Department/clinic name
  • Appointment date and time
  • Appointment booking number
  • Preparation instructions

  Does the patient need to confirm that they have received the reminder?
No, these notifications are automated and patients do not need to confirm they have received them.

Can a patient opt-out or change their preferences for future reminders?
Yes, patients can change their preferred notification method (text, email or voicemail) or opt-out of the reminders by contacting MGH at @email or 416-469-6080.

Can the patient change their appointment date and time by responding to the message?
No, at the moment patients must contact the hospital directly to change their appointment date and time. Starting later this year, a new self-serve app will be available so patients can make these changes without directly contacting the hospital.

If a patient has questions, who should they contact?
If patients have questions or concerns about appointment reminders, they can email @email or call 416-469-6080.

For more information, please visit our Appointment Reminders webpage.

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