5 Questions with Michael Garron Hospital

Sarah Downey Hosts ‘5 Questions’ with Dr. Kyle Vojdani, Chief and Medical Director of the Emergency Department

Sarah Downey, president and CEO of Michael Garron Hospital (MGH), asks Dr. Kyle Vojdani, chief and medical director of the emergency department at MGH five questions about the hospital’s Emergency Department.

You have questions and Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) has answers.

In this community edition of “5 Questions with President and CEO Sarah Downey” video series, Sarah interviews, Dr. Kyle Vojdani, chief and medical director of the emergency department (ED) at MGH, about the ED including: how the hospital prepared for COVID-19, if it is safe to come to the ED and when someone should seek care.

Watch the video to find out the answers to the following 5 questions:

  1. What do you do as chief and medical director of the Emergency Department? (0:30)

Key Points: Dr. Vojdani oversees the care provided by more than 50 physicians and works with the ED’s management team to oversee the rest of the care team (nurses and allied health support staff).

  1. How has the Emergency Department prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic? (1:58)

Key Points: All patients are asked detailed screening questions and given a preliminary physical exam. Based on these assessments, patients are grouped into categories intended to keep patients with similar risk levels in the same area of the department. In addition, MGH is enforcing physical distancing, has implemented enhanced cleaning and is universally masking and screening all patients and staff.

  1. What are the biggest changes you’ve observed in the Emergency Department since the pandemic began? (4:30)

Key Points: MGH continues to see COVID-19 patients but fewer of its usual non-COVID-19 patients are presenting – those with abdominal pain, chest pain and traumas. Some of this is due to great efforts to remain inside but some may now be due to fear of contracting illness in the ED. In some cases, delaying treatment may result in very serious health impacts.

  1. Is it safe to visit the ED during COVID-19? (6:16)

Key Points: Yes, if you have an urgent or emergent issue. Delaying care can in some circumstances lead to irreversible damage that results from seeking care too late. It is critical that treatment be provided early in many diseases.

  1. When should you seek care from an Emergency Department? (7:50)

Key Points: If you feel your situation is urgent or emergent you should come to the ED right away. If you are unsure when to seek medical attention, call your family doctor, pediatrician or telehealth for advice.

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