Stephen Lister, Dr. Molly Rundle, Alison and Jhoanna
Left: Stephen Lister & Dr. Molly Rundle; Top: Alison Hardy; Bottom: Jhoanna Manlapas

Supporting life-long learning: MGH announces expanded access to continuing education through enhanced tuition assistance program

As a well-recognized community teaching hospital, Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) has a long history of supporting the education of hospital and healthcare workers. Investing in its people by providing opportunities for continuing education and skill development is one of the many ways MGH strives to be an employer of choice. This investment is also an important part of the hospital’s vision to Create Health, Build Community and mission to deliver exemplary care. Therefore, MGH is thrilled to share that in partnership with the MGH Foundation and thanks to a generous donation from Dr. Molly Rundle and Stephen Lister, the hospital is doubling the staff tuition reimbursement amount offered through its Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), effective April 2022.

MGH’s Tuition Assistance Program, created more than 15 years ago, supports the hospital’s culture of learning by providing partial tuition reimbursement for career-related courses that lead to a degree, diploma, or certificate/certification through a recognized and accredited educational institution or professional association. Eligible courses and programs support staff as they look to further develop their skills improve competencies and achieve their career goals.

Jhoanna Manlapas

“Since beginning my work at MGH in 2012 as a registered practical nurse (RPN), I have been lucky to be able to take advantage of TAP and enroll in the courses required to become a registered nurse (RN),” says Jhoanna Manlapas, RPN, MGH. “These courses, which include health assessments and community nursing, have taught me valuable skills and knowledge that I’ve been able to implement into my work at the hospital. This has been a wonderful benefit for both me and my patients, especially during the pandemic.”

Alison Hardy

“As a current member of TAP, the funding that I'm receiving is supporting my pursuit of obtaining my Masters of Health Science in Bioethics, which is directly related to my work in ethics at the hospital,” says MGH transition navigator and program member Alison Hardy. “In my role within the Helen Aird Carswell Complex Continuing Care Unit, I work with patients with dementia and often deal with complex ethical issues. Furthering my education has allowed me to learn skills that better support my patients and their families as they deal with challenging situations.”

This increased financial support is made possible through a generous $1.5 million dollar gift in support of TAP and the hospital’s redevelopment project from Dr. Rundle and Mr. Lister, who have long-standing connections with the hospital. Dr. Rundle spent 30 years serving the East Toronto community as a family physician before her retirement in January 2020. Mr. Lister, once an MGH patient, served the MGH Foundation as a valued member of the Board of Directors for close to ten years.  Dr. Rundle and Mr. Lister’s shared passion for education and learning played an important role in their decision to support MGH staff through TAP.

“Education has been an important part of my life as a family doctor. As an undergraduate student, I knew that I always wanted to be a lifelong learner,” says Dr. Rundle. “I think the hospital is its staff and its people – what better way to give back than through the Tuition Assistance Program.”

“We hope that this gift allows staff to further areas of competence that are important to them and to patient care at the hospital,” Mr. Lister adds.

“On behalf of all those who work at MGH, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Molly and Stephen for their very generous donation,” says Sarah Downey, president and CEO, MGH and Mitze Mourinho, president, MGH Foundation, in a joint statement. “Their gift plays an important role in ensuring that our staff can continue to learn, grow and provide high-quality care to our patients and community members. We are very thankful to have their support.”

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