Celebrating Emergency Preparedness Week 2024

Three easy tips to prepare for an emergency from MGH's Emergency Preparedness Specialist

The first week of May marks Emergency Preparedness Week - a national annual event supported by Public Safety Canada that aims to educate communities about actions individuals can take to prepare for emergency situations.  The theme for 2024 is “Be Prepared. Know your Risks. 

“Understanding the possible emergencies that can occur in our areas and knowing the actions we need to take to prepare and respond to them is the first step in protecting ourselves and our loved ones," says Siobhan Pickering, Emergency Preparedness Specialist at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH).  

Want to ensure you are prepared for possible emergencies in your area? Here are Siobhan’s top three tips to get ready and stay safe:  

Know your risks  

Make an emergency plan  

Purchase or make an emergency kit  

Do you already have an emergency plan or kit? If so, this is the time to review it. 

“Emergency Preparedness Week is not only an excellent time to start preparing from the ground up – it’s also a great time to review the tools and resources you already have in place to ensure they’re up-to-date and account for every person in your family or household,” Siobhan says. 

“I’d recommend reviewing your emergency plan and kit with your family every year to ensure everyone knows what to do in an emergency situation and where to find help.” 

Looking for more ways to celebrate Emergency Preparedness week with your friends and family? Check out the sample quizzes and emergency kit game instructions available on the Government of Canada’s Get Prepared site.  

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