Ways to say thank you to your care provider

Did you have a good experience with your care provider at MGH? Consider sharing your appreciation in one of the following ways: 

Share your thanks through our Patient Relations team 

  • Email: @email  
  • Phone: 416-469-6096, please leave a message 
  • Fax: 416-469-6559 
  • Mail: Patient Relations Office, 825 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto, ON, M4C3E7 

Donate in honour of your care provider through our Grateful Giving program

When you donate in honour of a Michael Garron Hospital team member, you show them that their skills and compassion made a difference in your life. They will receive a personalized thank-you card and a beautiful pin in recognition of your gratitude and generosity.

Your gift also helps to ensure other patients receive the same great care you did.

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