Special Care Nursery

Special Care Nursery

The Special Care Nursery (SCN) at Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) provides care to infants born at 32 weeks gestation or greater. The SCN is an Advanced Level 2 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Infants who are critically ill and/or born with a very low birth weight are treated in Level 3 NICUs. In Toronto, hospitals that have Level 3 NICUs include The Hospital for Sick Children, Mount Sinai Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Once infants in a Level 3 unit are stabilized, they are typically transferred to a Level 2 Unit (Special Care Nursery) to continue their growth and development. Babies in the SCN may have been born at MGH or may have been transferred from another hospital. Occasionally, families who have given birth to multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) may have babies admitted in different hospitals at the same time if the babies require different levels of intensive care.

We offer specialized care and advanced technology. As part of the Child Health Network, we care for infants born at MGH as well as babies retro-transferred from other neonatal intensive care units within the city and other areas of the province. We work closely with the Hospital for Sick Children if other specialty consultations are required.



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