General Hospital Info - Student Learners

Food Vendors and Cafeteria locations

  • Apple Café - located at 840 Coxwell Ave. (directly across from Michael Garron Hospital) 

  • Oriental Chopsticks - located on G wing, first floor and G wing, fourth floor.

  • Athen's Pastries - located on C wing, first floor.

  • Subway - located on C wing, first floor.

  • Tim Horton's - located in the Coxwell lobby.

  • U-Naru Sushi - located on G wing, first floor.

Attire - All MGH Staff members are to:

  • Always have their MGH badge visible. You will also need to have your school identification visible.

  • Wear close toe and closed heel shoes. 

  • Wear a medical ear loop mask, provided at the staff entrance, at all times.

Student I.D. and MGH Badge

  • A generic MGH badge will be loaned to you on your first day. This is to be worn at all times along with your student I.D. If the MGH badge is lost there may be a charge to replace it. 

  • The MGH badge must be returned to your preceptor on the last day of placement. 


  • Lockers may be provided to you depending on your placement. It is best to prepare for no locker and if you are given access to them then it is a bonus. 

  • If you are provided access to a locker, it will be a day use only, you will need to bring your own lock. Please do not leave your things behind as other students will be coming after you needing to use the lockers. 

Parking information

  • There are no student parking spots.

  • The garage is for Staff members only. 

  • The only options for students would be paid parking around the exterior of the hospital. 

Directions to Michael Garron Hospital 

Entrance one day one vs. every other day

  • On day one entre through the main entrance and pass screening.

  • The staff entrance is indicated by the star on the map. This is also where you pick up your PPE.

  • Staff will only gain access through their badge.

MGH Staff Entrance
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