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Our Medical Education program is recognized for high student satisfaction scores and has been ranked the number one choice for family medicine training at community teaching hospitals for a number of years. MGH attracts the brightest medical graduates from Canadian and international medical schools looking for unique and diverse experiences in a community hospital setting. 

MGH is recognized as an outstanding teaching organization committed to providing an exceptional educational experience to our learners. 

MGH acknowledges and prioritizes the important role that community plays in medical education. Delivering exceptional training experiences requires a dynamic network of learners, educators, and mentors. Our community invests in the strong potential of trainees as educators and embraces junior faculty as new leaders. 

The MGH Medical Education Office is proud to help MGH achieve its mission to mentor the next generation of healthcare providers.

The following information is applicable to:

  • Medical Students, Residents, Fellows
  • Physician Assistant Learners
  • Midwifery Learners
  • Those seeking an opportunity to observe
Looking for a Selective, Elective, Rotation, or to Observe



Please email @email if you are interested in completing a rotation, selective or elective at MGH-TEHN. 

Please note that all learners must be registered with the University of Toronto before completing an experience at MGH.


Non-University of Toronto Undergraduate learners must be registered with the Visiting Electives Office

Non-University of Toronto Postgraduate learners must be registered with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office



Observers must;

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or hold a valid Canadian student visa
  • Be post-secondary school (High school students will not be accepted)

Important Information:

  • It is the responsibility of the Observer to connect with a potential Sponsor in their department of interest and then proceed with the interest form. Assistance connecting with a potential Sponsor will not be provided.
  • Observers can arrange a maximum of 5 observation days which must be completed within a 30-day period.
  • Observers are not permitted to provide medical care or engage with patients or families during the observation experience.
  • Observers are not permitted to have any physical contact with a patient, this includes the use of medical equipment like a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, etc.
  • Observers are not permitted to review any patient-related documents such as health records, test results, etc.
  • Observers will not receive evaluations or references.

Canadian and international medical students should seek formal opportunities within the scope of your program (ex. EEE, career exploration, visiting elective). 

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in observing, please email @email with the subject line Request to Observe - Last Name to receive our observer interest form. 

If you do not meet the requirements to be an observer or are looking for a longer experience, we recommend the MGH Volunteer program.


Starting a Selective, Elective, or Rotation



All learners must be registered with the University of Toronto before completing MGH registration. 


Non-University of Toronto Undergraduate learners must be registered with the Visiting Electives Office

Non-University of Toronto Postgraduate learners must be registered with the Postgraduate Medical Education Office


Please contact @email if you have not received our online registration form two weeks before your start date.   



Onboarding information will be provided once you complete the registration form. Please review the onboarding resources and emails for information about:

  • MGH Photo ID Badge
  • Parking
  • Scrub Access
  • Computer and WiFi Login Information
  • VPN Remote Access Form
  • Dictation Number
  • Pagers
  • Locker 



All learners must complete computer training on the first day of their rotation. You will receive your computer training date and time from the Medical Education Office.

Wellness + the Learning Environment

Part of the exceptional education provided at MGH includes a dedicated focus on wellness with continued efforts to optimize the learning environment. 

A devoted Associate Director overseeing this area helps to ensure that training experiences offer an inclusive and safe place to acquire knowledge and skill. 

The MGH Medical Education team has created a space for leadership to discuss and better understand the occupational traumas learners may experience in an academic healthcare setting. These dialogues have seeded the pathways in place to navigate any concerns that arise in a timely and learner-centric manner. Effectively addressing, discussing, and responding to incidents have positioned our learners to feel heard and supported.

If you would like to discuss a concern of this nature please reach out to be connected with a team member who can help.


Learner Assistance

Below is a brief highlight of different supports available for MGH medical learners who need assistance. 


MGH Support 

You can use our confidential webform to inform us if you experienced any challenging situations during your time at MGH, whether it involved patients, learners, faculty, or another member of the organization. 

The webform will connect you directly to Dr. Michelle Lockyer, Associate Director of Wellness and Learning Environment. 


Urgent or Crisis Situation

If the health or safety of yourself or others is at risk, please call 911 and/or seek immediate medical attention. 

If security assistance is necessary, please contact MGH Security via a staff duress badge, Vocera, their extension, or activate a code. 


Personal Crisis

If you are having a personal crisis, know that you are not alone and there are many people and places that can help. 



If you require an accommodation, please review the content from the University of Toronto’s Office or Learner Affairs or contact your academic institution’s placement coordinator to facilitate the process. MGH collaborates to develop a plan to support success in training.


Additional Support and Resources – University of Toronto


Temerty Faculty of Medicine & Learner Mistreatment

MGH is committed to working with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine to enable a positive learning and working environment for everyone in our community. We support an integrated approach to addressing learner concerns that champions the principles articulated in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine guidelines on managing disclosures of learner mistreatment for medical students and Postgraduate Medical Education trainees.

Temerty Medicine has established a centralized hub of supports and resources for learners who have witnessed or experienced mistreatment. These webpages include an online disclosure form through which you can submit disclosures to Learner Experience in an identified or anonymous way. To learn more about how to discuss, disclose, or report learner mistreatment, you can access resources here.

Medical Education Office + Medical Education Committee

Getting to the Medical Education Office:

  • From the Sammon Avenue Entrance, proceed to the Mortimer Lobby
  • Take the elevators in the Mortimer Lobby to the 4th floor
  • Exit the elevator to the left and proceed down the hallway about 20 feet
  • Go through the door on your left to the M-Podium
  • The Medical Education Office is down the hallway on your right, look for the purple doors



Dr. Peter Tzakas, Director, Medical Education

Chelsea Houde, Manager, Medical Education Office

Dr. Adam Kaufman, Associate Director, Undergraduate Medical Education

Dr. Michelle Lockyer, Associate Director, Wellness and Learning Environment 

Dr. Ruchi Mohindra, Associate Director, Academic Appointments & Promotions, Professional Development, and Faculty Awards 

Dr. Sarah Wright, Research Scientist 



Department Education Leads 

Dr. Patrick Mark, Undergraduate Anesthesia

Dr. Celine Meschino, Postgraduate Anesthesia

Dr. Rana Karam, Diagnostic Imaging 

Dr. George Porfiris, Emergency Medicine 

Dr. Meera Shah, Undergraduate Family Medicine

Dr. Peter Tzakas, Postgraduate Family Medicine

Dr. Rajani Vairavanathan, Postgraduate Family Medicine

Dr. Michael Warner, ICU

Dr. Pauline Henry, Lab Medicine

Dr. Ana Florescu, Medicine

Dr. Courtney Jolliffe, Undergraduate Obs/Gyne

Dr. Maja Gans, Postgraduate Obs/Gyne

Dr. Elin Raymond, Postgraduate Obs/Gyne

Dr. Nick Nianiaris, Undergraduate Ophthalmology

Dr. Yelin Yang, Postgraduate Ophthalmology

Dr. Dmitry Tsvetkov, Orthopaedics

Dr. Brad Hubbard, Otolaryngology

Dr. Ramona Joshi, Palliative Care

Dr. Julie Hukui, Undergraduate Paediatrics

Dr. Lauren Friedman, Postgraduate (Peds PGYs) Paediatrics

Dr. Aleks Meret, Postgraduate (FM PGYs) Paediatrics

Dr. Brett Beber, Plastic Surgery

Dr. Victoria Lee, Psychiatry

Dr. Amandeep Pooni, Surgery

Dr. Rajiv Singal, Urology

Stella Capisciolto, Midwifery

Dr. Peter Tzakas, MD, MEd, FCCFP, Director, Medical Education
Chelsea Houde, Manager, Medical Education
Location and Office Hours
Carswell Family Office of Medical Education, M-Wing, 4th Floor, Room 412
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