Student Learner FAQ's

I'm coming to MGH for my placement; will I need to bring my own scrubs and PPE?
  • Masks and face shields will be available 24/7 in the Mortimer lobby (staff entrance) and extra masks are available through your department manager.
  • If you are patient facing, you may need to wear an N95. The mask fit test can be done through the Occupational Health and Safety unit at MGH. However if you completed a Mask-fit test before, provide this documentation and ensure it is still with in the 2 year limit.
  • Scrubs are to be purchased on your own. The hospital will not supply students with scrubs.
Where do I need to go on the first day?

Ensure that you connect with your preceptor for specifics on where to meet on day 1. You will need to enter through the Coxwell entrance to pass screening.

What is Michael Garron Hospital's vaccine policy? 

All MGH Staff and affiliates must comply with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and OMA/OHA protocols under regulations 965 of the public Hospital Acts. The mandatory vaccination policy took effect on Nov. 4, 2021. MGH staff and affiliates must have proof of vaccination for COVID-19 and be fully vaccinated to work. To be considered fully vaccinated, MGH staff and affiliates must have received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days ago. MGH staff and affiliates include all full-time and part-time employees; credentialed professionals, such as physicians, midwives, and dentists; volunteers; students and learners; and Board members, contract workers and any other person working on behalf of another business or entity operating on the Hospital’s site. It is important we all take responsibility in keeping our community safe and vaccines are an effective way of accomplishing this.

How can I keep my patients, colleagues, and myself safe while in the hospital?
  • Proper use of PPE.
  • Following room occupancy numbers.
  • 4 moments of hand hygiene.
  • Social distancing.
  • Hyperactive screening. If you feel any symptom, no matter how small, that is out of your norm, please do not come in.
Where can I take my break?

The only place for students to take breaks are in the Cafeteria which is located on G4 with plenty of seating and the G2 conference room. When the weather is nice, there are picnic tables on the corner of Coxwell and Mortimer.

What is the dress code?

Appropriate attire depending on your placement should be worn. Non-clinical students should connect with their preceptor to determine what that is. Nursing students are expected to wear their school scrubs. Closed toe and heel footwear should be worn at all times (e.g., running shoes)

Will I receive a locker?

Depending on your placement and availability you may have access to a locker. However, student lockers are for day use only. You are required to bring your own lock and clean out your locker after each shift. It is recommended that you bring only what you need for that day. 

Do I need my flu shot to start my placement?

You do not need the flu shot in order to complete your placement however, it is recommended.

Is there parking for students?

Currently there are no student parking spots. The hospital parking is designated for staff only. Feel free to utilize the street parking around the hospital but be aware that these spots are extremely limited. Ensure you are reading the street signs. 

I'm looking to do my placement at MGH, who do I reach out to?

Most placements are required to go through your school. Reach out to your school first before inquiring here. Or feel free to email @email to understand if a placement at MGH is possible.

Will I be required to provide care to COVID positive patients?

Students should be prepared to work with COVID positive patients as COVID is present hospital wide. 


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