Why MGH (Student Learners)

Working at Michael Garron Hospital isn’t one thing. It’s everything.

By everything we mean great care, great colleagues, great community, great learning and advancement opportunities, great working environment and great location.

We offer tuition assistance, mentorship opportunities, and training and development programs such as: Fostering an LGBTQ Inclusive Environment; Emotional Intelligence; Workplace Violence Prevention and Emerging Leaders programs.

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Why students and residents enjoy their time at mgh

 “The staff members are warm and accommodating. They are always willing to teach me and I had opportunity for hands-on engagement with patients. I feel better prepared for my future working in healthcare.”

 “I appreciated how helpful and willing to teach many of the staff members were. I felt like I was part of the team with nurses and physicians.”

“It was a great learning experience. All staff are respectful and welcoming, including leadership.”


Grow your career at mgh

At Michael Garron Hospital (MGH) we are energized by students who join us throughout their schooling. Many of our staff choose to pursue additional learning opportunities as they progress in their careers – our learning is never over.

Discover the newsroom to hear stories about MGH staff member and why they enjoy working at MGH.

Discover the career journeys MGH staff have embarked on and learn what it’s like to work at MGH.

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