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Before and After: Thomson Centre Level 1

With Michael Garron Hospital’s (MGH) Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre (Thomson Centre) opening in early 2023, the hospital is looking back on more than four years of construction.

Land that was once a surface parking lot at Sammon and Coxwell Avenues has transformed into the Thomson Centre, an eight-storey patient care tower that is the centerpiece of the hospital’s ongoing campus transformation.

The Thomson Centre will have 215 patient beds, two floors of outpatient clinics and plenty of additional bright and spacious areas for public and staff use.

See below for some of our first-floor interior photos during (2020/21) and after (2022) construction.

Tip: For each image, click on the divider and use your mouse to slide it back and forth to see how the space has transformed!

Main Lobby

The main lobby is the largest and most central space in the Thomson Centre and will have seating for guests, an information desk and a donor wall.

It is located just off of the Moez and Marissa Kassam Food Court and main patient registration area.

Fun fact: Starting in 2024, the Thomson Centre lobby will replace MGH’s current Coxwell lobby as the hospital’s main entrance.

Outpatient areas

Once the Thomson Centre opens, MGH will have two levels of brand new outpatient facilities. The outpatient clinics are located on Levels 1 and 2. Highlights include:

  • Outpatient Procedures Unit, for minor procedures such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy, and colonoscopy
  • Chronic Disease Unit, including the chest centre, kidney centre and Zeena & Farid Amarshi Family Cardiac Centre
  • Eye clinic
  • Blood collection area
  • Ultrasound suite

Fun fact: After the Thomson Centre opens, 80% of MGH’s outpatient appointments will take place in the new building. 

Main staircase

This staircase, located just off of the main lobby, will connect our Level 1 and Level 2 outpatient clinics.

Patients arriving at the Thomson Centre will start at Patient Registration on Level 1 and can access the Chronic Disease Unit and Outpatient Procedures Unit clinics using this staircase.

Fun fact: In addition to this staircase, patients, visitors and staff can move between floors by using one of eight elevators in the Thomson Centre.   

Parking elevators

Once parked in the Thomson Centre’s four-storey underground parking garage, MGH staff, patients and visitors will use this convenient set of elevators to access the hospital.

These elevators lead directly to a central area close to key hospital spaces including the main information desk, patient registration, clinics and inpatient units.

The underground parking garage, which is set to open in October 2022, will add more than 400 parking spaces to MGH’s campus.

Fun fact: The parking garage will include charging stations for electric vehicles and more than 120 secure bicycle parking spots for staff

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