The entrance to the Chronic Disease Unit at MGH's new Thomson Centre

#CountdownToThomsonCentre: Check out MGH’s new Chronic Disease Unit

#CountdownToThomsonCentre shares the features of Michael Garron Hospital’s (MGH) new Ken and Marilyn Thomson Patient Care Centre, also known as the Thomson Centre, which opens to patients, families and caregivers on January 23, 2023. Follow along as we count down to the opening by marking different milestones and highlighting the ways the Thomson Centre helps improve the care MGH provides the community!

This week, we're highlighting the new Chronic Disease Unit in the Thomson Centre.

MGH’s new Chronic Disease Unit helps improve chronic disease care and management for the East Toronto community.

The unit is on the second floor of the Thomson Centre. It is part of the hospital’s Outpatient Program.

Reception area of MGH's new Chronic Disease Unit
The reception and waiting area in MGH's new Chronic Disease Unit.

Features of MGH’s new Chronic Disease Unit

  • Three different centres located beside one another: Kidney Centre, Steel Canada Resources Ltd Chest Centre and Zeena & Farid Amarshi Family Cardiac Centre
  • A waiting area overlooking the future home of MGH’s front entry driveway and expansive landscaping off Coxwell Avenue
  • Bright and spacious waiting and registration areas
  • State-of-the-art exam and procedure spaces

Benefits for patients and community

Placing MGH’s three largest chronic disease outpatient programs beside one another in one dedicated space helps make frequent visits more convenient for patients and allows teams to more effectively collaborate on patient care.

The streamlined access to these centres greatly benefits the East Toronto community where there are higher rates of chronic diseases, such as heart and pulmonary disease, compared to the general population.

About the different centres in MGH’s new Chronic Disease Unit

Hallway of Kidney Clinic in MGH's Thomson Centre

Kidney Centre

  • Provides enhanced renal (kidney) services for the community
  • Includes space for patient education for MGH’s Home Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Service, which allows renal patients to learn how to administer peritoneal dialysis at home

Hallway of Chest Centre in MGH's Thomson Centre

Steel Canada Resources Ltd Chest Centre

  • Combines expertise in respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery and other specialties required to diagnose, treat and manage chest and lung diseases
  • Includes:
    • A sleep lab that supports patients dealing with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders and facilitates overnight sleep studies
    • A suite for minor procedures related to lung disease
    • Negative pressure equipment that helps ensure safe delivery of care to patients with various lung diseases

Hallway of Cardiac Clinic in MGH's Thomson Centre

Zeena & Farid Amarshi Family Cardiac Centre

  • Focuses on caring for people who have heart diseases or dysfunction
  • Includes:
    • A Cardiac Function Clinic (pacemaker and congestive heart failure)
    • A variety of clinics for cardiac diagnostics, including ultrasounds of the heart, heart monitoring and heart stress testing

Other important information

MGH’s kidney, chest and cardiac outpatient programs are currently located on the existing hospital campus. These programs will transition to the second floor of the Thomson Centre, located at the corner of Sammon and Coxwell Avenues, this winter.

Patients who need care in these areas at MGH will be notified of the programs’ move in advance so they can successfully navigate to the Thomson Centre for appointments and visits.

Take a look at MGH’s new Chronic Disease Unit in the Thomson Centre in the video below!

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